Healing Day:   July 28, Saturday at 11 AM. Let Maurah know you are coming at 509 292 5144 or 509 847 4391. Bring a snack or lunch. Typically it lasts between 2-4 hours.This is for adults only.

Healing Day now is once a month on a Saturday at 11 am. Different healers offer their services for free this day at The Healing Center at Free Space. Depending on who is sharing her/his gifts and healing skills, will be the determining factor for the modality of healing one might receive. Examples of healing: Shamanic practices such as: Power Animal  Retrieval, Shamanic Divination, Tuvan Drumming, Sitting in Current, Extraction Healing, Power Soul Retrieval, and more, MLT, Crystal Bed, Solfeggio Tuning Fork Therapy, Reiki, (Both Usui and Angelic Reiki) hands on healing, crystal work, Ionic Foot Bath, Vitalizer Chi Machine and much more. More and more practitioners are sharing their healing various modalities on Healing Day. We are delighted to have them share their expertise.


Call if you are coming at 509 292 5144 or email at:maurahkaunah@gmail.com and bring a sack lunch.

“Wow! The Healing Center at Free Space is a special place in the world – a spiritual vortex situated above a currently frozen lake in the pine covered forests of northeastern Washington. I have yet to explore the gorgeous landscape, but was blessed to attend February’s Healing Day where healers come to share modalities and practice on each other in her beautiful, peaceful, spiritually alive center. I met some extremely kind, gifted, and generous women! Two of them journeyed to find my spirit animals and I experienced some fabulous healing. I was able to overcome claustrophobia, and my severe back pain went away. Maurah makes you feel welcome at her spiritual oasis! I no longer feel stuck in Spokane and can’t wait to return.” – MS.

Divine Feminine Drumming Circle -Sunday, July 22, 2018 at 1 PM (Followed by a potluck in The Healing Center) Typically the drumming and potluck last at least 3 hours. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! For adults only!


This drum circle is for men and women. The name, “Divine Feminine Drumming Circle” remains the same as the men in the group agreed that we all need to embrace the Divine Feminine in us. Both women and men alike agreed that the Divine Feminine is still a worthy focus for the group. We will begin with drumming first at The Healing Center and follow with a potluck. All adults are welcome.

We sing Native American songs led by Cindy Bunnell and other individuals who wish to lead the group. We dance, rattle, sing and drum. Each monthly drumming circle is unique as are those who participate in the circle. People are encouraged to share as they feel the need to do so.

The pounding sound of the drum can help us take notice of our heartbeat. It is our heartbeats that keep us alive and vital. Hence, drumming can be therapeutic in getting in touch with our inner selves. A slow steady beat can create calmness whereas a stronger, faster beat can stir us into action.
Whether a fast or a slow drumbeat, a loud or a soft one, the drumbeat and also a rattle can be a healing sound for participants.

One may drum for special intentions such as for a specific healing or for someone who has passed, or just to bring joy, clarity and fun.

We begin by smudging each participant with white sage, by welcoming all participants in the circle, by calling in the Helping Spirits, our ancestors, the 4 elements of fire, water, air and earth, and by calling in the directions. We then pass the “Talking Stick” (to be explained in the circle) and then the drumming begins!

We bless the drum with sage, cedar, sweetgrass, tobacco, etc.

We are presently holding the circle on a Sunday (once a month) at 1 PM. It is free and all are welcome. Check our Events page to see when the next drumming is.
Contact Maurah Kaunah if you are interested in joining us. maurahkaunah@hotmail.com or 509 292 5144.

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Pow Wow Drum


The large Pow Wow drum is made of bullhide and cedar, both of which were gathered in a sacred way and made in a sacred way. The maker of the drum is Keith Little Badger of Cherokee and Metis origin, who lives with his wife Cheryl in Alabama. Keith was taught sacred drum making by his grandfather. The Spirit of this drum is extremely powerful and loves to be drummed.

Come and experience the spirit of the drum at our drumming circle.




Current- To be announced 



1  Basic Way of the Shaman Workshop (This is a prerequisite for all advanced FSS courses.) We will announce new classes in 2019 as we have completed classes of the Basic for 2018.

  This is a life-changing class which teaches participants how to journey into Non Ordinary Reality into the Upper World and the Lower World. You will receive a teacher from the Upper World and a Power Animal from the Lower World, learn how to retrieve for others their Power Animals, learn how to do Divination Journeying, using a rock and learn how to do  Divination for others. 

 2 Shamanic Extraction Healing Training: This is an advanced shamanic class offered April 21-22 and later July 14-15 Saturday and Sunday 9:30 AM- 5:00 PM. In this class you are taught how to merge with a Spirit Helper (either a teacher or a power animal) and how to remove intrusions in a client. It is a wonderful healing modality to add to your shamanic tool box. No good practitioner will be without it!

3 Shamanism, Dying and Beyond: This is another 2-day advanced class offered twice…June 30-July 1 and August 4-5 Saturday and Sunday from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM. This is my favorite FSS class. You will learn how to help “stuck” beings from the Middle World. This is a great service to the world to be able to help someone move out of pain and suffering into a place which is just the opposite. You will travel to wherever it is you will go upon your death and much more. Ask for a flyer for more info. 

4 Power Soul Retrieval:This 2-day advanced class has the following prerequisites- Basic Way of the Shaman, Shamanic Extraction Healing and Shamanism, Dying and Beyond OR Two Week Shamanic Healing Intensive. In this class you will learn how to retrieve a soul part that has been lost by the individual and retrieve it, placing it back  in the person who lost it. You learn how to power up with a Helping Spirit and transfer this power to your client. Ask Maurah for a flyer to read more about this amazing course! This class is offered September 22-23 Saturday and Sunday from 9:30 AM- 5 PM each day.