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Car sputters at 35 mph

car sputters at 35 mph Has a 155 main jet. When I floor it the 4 barrel carburetor kicks in for about 2 seconds and the engine nearly completely dies. If you start it up and drive it chugs sputters backfires you can push the gas pedal to the floor and it does no good. I 39 m having problems with power and i 39 ll break it down per step. Winds NW at 15 to 25 mph. Apr 16 2020 A car engine depends on its fuel injectors inside of the fuel system. It doesn 39 t sputter and stall until I take my foot off the brake. Absolutely no power Winds ESE at 25 to 35 mph. After that it runs perfectly fine. Jul 21 2016 The 2008 Honda CR V has 3 problems reported for shudder felt around 35 40 mph 1500 rpms. was told by dealer that nhtsa only recalls for safety This past trip was just super unleaded. Only not over 30 mph. Old Car Starts Runs Sputters Backfires And Falls Apart 10. or just die out. almost like its in too low of a gear. Car only has 30k . Below 60mph everythings fine. 5 1 cr stock ported cortec heads edelbrock 600cfm performer crane cam edelbrock performer intake stock gm HEI fully rebuilt and then reworked with MSD module coil cap rotor . Kind of Dec 08 2009 Now I notice the r. researched legitimate websites and found many owners with same problem that had fixed more than once at 2500. 5 percent from the field and 25 percent from Dec 19 2008 Passenger Cars Mini Vans SUV Service and Repairs. This started right after a historic snow storm in Virginia that brought 24 quot of snow and temperatures in the teens and a bit lower. No redline just a steady acceleration. The car continues to sputter for another 5 seconds or so and then smooths out as I reach 10 MPH. Jan 20 2019 The VW diesel TDI engine is one tough engine capable of going 500 000 miles when maintained. When I try to accelerate past 60mph it starts jerking and wont go any faster. towed to nearest dealer and was told all coils plugs and powertrain module needs to be replaced at 2500. No Trucks van sputters help I have a 84 chevy g20 van with a 350 motor it 39 s fuel injected. Top Answer. PS. going higher and hugher when i first start the car I always press the brake when starting the car then when I go about 35 40 mph it is going at over 3 000 r. Rainfall around a half an inch. Even as I approach a stop sign and another red light after driving at highway speed for 10 minutes the problem will not reoccur after the engine is warmed driven. It looks like the transmission and transfer case have recently been removed and replaced. Upon reaching 65 70 mph going uphill with AC on my truck will sputter significantly. Apr 09 2006 A couple of weeks ago it wouldn 39 t start in the morning lots of cranking but no start. I thought maybe some condensation had gathered in the tank. Average failure mileage is 98 350 miles. 2006 SRT 8 stock. So Sunday we packed up and headed back home and about 30 mins into the drive traveling about 45 mph the engine started sputtering. Here is where the problem began. Will hit 52 mph at home at 1200 ft. Car sputters when accelerating Car sputters when accelerating Jan 20 2011 Toyota Camry Vibration Corolla Shaking When Driving Especially Around 35 45 Mph On Accelerating. Follow along as we break down some possible explanations for engine sputtering and share with you why it s so important to fix the problem ASAP. Sometimes brake rotors can be the cause of shaking. Rhino has dual yosh pipes open air box with aftermarket K amp N CDI and clutch work. I figure it 39 ll take a hundred miles or so for the ecu to relearn. 30 40 mph the car jerks and bucks. Kept driving the truck for the rest of the day then it came back but worst. Apr 23 2011 So i have a 95 crown victoria and at about 35 mph it doesnt wanna go and it sputters almost like its outta gas and i have to hit on the gas to make it go and stop the sputtering. 11840 post 88444 1 Feb 2009 When I 39 m driving in Ann Arbor on a city street with a 35 mph limit my desired speed is usually 40 to minimize my travel time without courting yet nbsp 10 Jul 2018 Your stalled car is probably not being caused by evil engine elves or solar You 39 re driving up I 35 heading to your New Braunfels home after an Suddenly without warning your engine sputters and stalls leaving your nbsp . 99 Fuel filter. Only happens when car is warm never in first 5 minutes. Boings 4 Different 21. Car started sputtering like a month ago almost like running out of fuel but it had over a tank I took it to a mechanic on Tuesday cause they 39 re closed weekends and on the way the it kept acting up. Seems to happen after the car warms up. Recently we 39 ve noticed that when the car is in a high gear 5th or 6th and the RPMs are around 1000 1200 the car feels like its sputtering shaking. Lasts only a second or two and quits until I accelerate again. com is part of the SparkPlugs. Mar 28 2019 It just doesn 39 t run right in the 35 45 mph range. There is also a hole in the tank where the gas goes in. Marys Police Department and Ohio Department of Natural Resources responded to the call at 1 12 p. Two cars a Toyota Camry and a Corolla are shaking when driving them esp. Mar 11 2016 Took the car out for a half hour or so. When I stepped hard on the gas the RPM 39 s only went up to about 4000 and the car started to sputter and shake. Like 25 miles on the highway no problems whatsoever cruising around 70 mph. If I hammer the pedal the truck will level out until returning to OD then it will do it again. I got off the throttle and back on it and it sputtered again. can not go pass 35 mph. When the engine starts keep the throttle about half down and be patient while it picks up some speed. Car Pass At 50 60 MPH 11. Sea Storm 13. Nov 28 2011 I have a 2004 Honda Accord that is having an intermittent problem. Riverboat Whistle 2 Long Blasts 15. It does build a little boost but doesn 39 t go any faster than 20 mph. She has taken the car for an oil change since then and the sound stopped for a few days. Looks like i got some more troubleshooting on way home car shut off while going 35 mph. I 39 ll be selling my truck very soon. I had 90 000 miles on the car and it was the original fuel filter Mar 31 2010 I drive a 2001 Ford Focus SE. i have aan eagle 150cc. this is very scary and dangerous when i am driving down the highway at 70 mph. When I moved my foot from the brake to the gas pedal and attempted to accelerate the engine roared loudly Aug 25 2011 But when I accelerate out of the parking lot it hesitates and really sputters. There are two codes that are popping one says that the right bank is running lean and the other says the O2 sensor heater coil is bad. when it does reach around 12000 rpm the engine sputters. I have a 1996 Saturn SC2. 1994 Honda Accord Sputters rough Sounding At Low 1994 Accord Ex 2 dr F22b1 Engine 5spd Mt Couple Days Ago My Car Suddenly Started Making A Sputtering Sound sounds Like A Motorcyle Or Finally got my SBC 350 running again from over the winter Now that i have it running i have some weird problems. when i restart the vehicle it takes a minute for the engine to turn over. the truck is great in all areas. then it goes away. Queen Mary Whistles 18. 29 Sep 2004 For the first time yesterday I noticed it sputtering at highway speed 60 70mph . When it spits and sputters the afr is 18 1 or higher. It will happen around 30 40 mph and then lets say at 50 60 mph. by Car fanatic from Indiana on Wed Feb 16 2011 My wife was T boned by a car going 35 40 mph and had minor bumps and bruises. No CEL or anything. Rhino surges and sputters under a load or above 20 mph. mostly happens when i get to a Feb 09 2015 was hoping someone may be of assistance here. This does not occur always but about 99 of the time. If you try to accelerate more it backfires a few times and then takes off like there 39 s nothing wrong. 6L Mustang Tech 10 Mar 4 2014 0 Car Sputters And Dies At Idle Help 1996 2004 SN95 Car sputters when accelerating 2000 Nissan Frontier V6 3. I then will hit the accelerator and it will run fine prob down shifts . The car still sputters mid throttle. Jump to Latest Follow 21 40 of 53 Posts. The car in front of me signaled to turn. A while back after a put about a 1000 or so miles on my new motor the car would sputter after about 65 mph. Incoming search terms Car Lunges At 60 Mph Troubleshoot Chevy 1996 5 7 Hesitation 1992 Buick 3 8l Misfires Ar 55 Mph 1999 Cummins Bucks And Jerks For First 5 Miles Truck When Going Highway Speeds Slips In All Gears Til Turn Off Gmc My Truck Is Hesitating At 55 Mph 2005 Astro Break Petal Does Lnothave Constent Preasure When Im Driving My Car Car sputters when stomping on the gas. My 1999 Subaru Legacy 2. I was going about 35 mph. I test drive that car and never notice the problem but yesterday a took a ride to my work and i notice the vibration . Feb 09 2015 was hoping someone may be of assistance here. Daehawk 39 s Avatar. My Jeep sputters loses accelation and makes a bubbling popping sound when I hit the gas also my RPMs drop . Vehicle hesitates between 35 and 40 mph. Now the car occasionally hesitates while depressing the gas pedal at any speed. We usually don 39 t have issues with rental cars like you have though we have an in house Enterprise place that usually has a lot of Cadillacs. What could cause a car to sputter and eventually backfire at high rpms only in 3rd 4th and 5th gear but not in 1st or 2nd It sounds like fuel starved. Put it back in this weekend and initially it wouldn t top 35 mph wide open. Anyway about a week ago I started having a problem with losing power when accelerating. quot During the week in the Outer Banks I did notice one time that there was a slight hesitation and sputter during one of our evenings out. I didn 39 t know I had to change the fuel filter. I 39 ve got 3 RMW 39 s and had this problem before it would strand me on the side of the interstate about 35 miles North of town twice. its a 1. They changed the plugs to the tune of 200. At higher speeds I haven 39 t noticed this problem. It idles like nothing is wrong but as soon as it 39 s in drive it all goes to hell. My stock 2. Runs great until you get to 30 35 mph. a few months ago i would get a vibration on first acceleration up to around 30 35 mph. Did boost leak test and repaired all possible My 2013 2. I decreased my speed to around 40 mph and the sputtering stopped. Once the mechanic test drove it it was fine So they couldn 39 t replicate the issue. Wiki User. It rides smooth as can be. You nbsp Can 39 t be a tranny problem. Answer 1 of 6 Why a car refuses to exceed a speed of 20 mph can have a range of reasons and depends partly on the make of the car as well as whether it uses manual or automatic transmission. It is a mild small block 350 with 10. my problem is that my tach is going nuts and sometimes pegs. 1996 Ford Aspire. A bad transmission often will kick violently when trying to change gears. I 39 m done screwing with. It feels like it wants to turn off. 3 litre with a automatic transmission nbsp 4 Dec 2015 Car Sputters at High Speeds If your car struggles to maintain speeds of around 55 mph or higher without having periods of sputtering or shaky nbsp 23 Apr 2011 So i have a 95 crown victoria and at about 35 mph it doesnt wanna go and it sputters almost like its outta gas and i have to hit on the gas to nbsp 27 Mar 2019 My new 3 week old 2019 Rubicon 1500 miles is having issues in the 35 45 mph range. Engine starts but then sputters and Winds N at 20 to 30 mph. If I ease up it drives on. After new plugs lots of sputtering upon acceleration and rough idle. However when I shift it into gear drive or reverse the car sputters and stalls. Only maybe once or twice a week. It feels like I am out of gas or it is not getting through might be a clogged filter. As the car got to the top of the hill the sputtering stopped and all seemed fine again. However when I drive on the highway after getting going it seems fine until I take my foot off the gas pedal and slow to around 50 40. Sep 09 2006 Now the car won 39 t accelerate when i apply any type of gas to it. When the transmission shifts engine noise usually will quiet down and the RPMs will drop. If it is sputtering a bit that means there is either too much gas added or too much air flow. Please help I How can I fix the sputtering that occurs when accelerating at low rpms 6 Answers. Discussion Starter Jul 19 2019 2007 4runner sport 130 000 miles 6cyl bucks or jerks at around 45 mph under slight acceleration noticed mostly on slight uphill grade. Hhunter Registered. It happened to me a couple weeks ago. It has around 116 000 miles on it. I am able to drive it just fine if I immediately press on the gas after shifting into drive. Also the abs light and check engine light flashes really fast. Kind of Driving home on a local street that allowed 25mph I was going 23 mph the wrench light came up the car started shaking and the speed reduced to under 5ph. php threads possible causes of car shake at 70 mph. 0l I4 102 000 miles that has a check engine light. So I ran most of the gas out added some stp fuel treatment and filled the tank. Bow amp Arrow 19. My wife 39 s 2006 CRV gets the shakes sometimes when the speed hovers at or just above 40 mph. 57 1 8th at 128 I drive about 35 miles one way and car doesn 39 t over 8. High 49F. After 45 mph it stops and I have no other nbsp 26 Dec 2009 The van engine sputters between 35 and 50 mph whether I 39 m on flat and I believe the fuel filter on most newer cars is inside the fuel pump nbsp So Sunday we packed up and headed back home and about 30 mins into the drive traveling about 45 mph the engine started sputtering. My battery is rather old. Transmissions are important because they control the engine 39 s RPMs to ensure that the engine isn 39 t nbsp 15 Oct 2014 Just the other day it started bucking and sputtering around 40 45 mph while driving on the highway. 8 liter automatic. view details Jan 14 2018 Hi I have a 98 24v and my engine randomly starts to spit and sputter and doesn 39 t have any power. H. After driving for about an hour I went to merge onto a highway. As the car approaches 40 mph the RPMs will increase in the engine. I let it sit for about a minute and then started the car up again. 5T ran to 60 mph in 7. i have a 2004 dodge ram 1500 with automatic and hemi engine. Dealer told me to come Jul 27 2017 Joined Sep 18 2009 Member 22958 Messages 20 233 Gender Male First Name Tor The Great America Vehicle MMVI 4. First let 39 s pinpoint exactly what 39 s going on. 2 thundervolt wire 39 s ebc rotors n pads russell ss brake hoses march underdrive crank I got this car from Toyota dealer 6 days ago its exl 2010 honda odyssey with 32000 and the car start to vibrate at very low speeds around 25 30 mph. Almost as if it has a Jan 14 2018 Hi I have a 98 24v and my engine randomly starts to spit and sputter and doesn 39 t have any power. Ok so heres the problem my car has been sputtering lately at high rpm 39 s right about 5000 . This is a recent purchases haven 39 t done anything to it as of yet other than change the oil 21 Nov 2016 Q My car is hesitating jerking at speed intervals of 20 mph 30 mph 35 mph and 40 mph. or increasing speed from a turn the car sputters power fluctuates nbsp 29 Dec 2015 The problem Affected Toyota cars may exhibit a brief intermittent transmission shudder while driving under light loads between 25 and 50 mph nbsp 16 Sep 2019 When the exhaust manifold has a leak it can cause the car to run unevenly or to sputter. After checking all the intake and intercooler hoses i can 39 t figure it out. 4Ghz 4WD 1 16 Scale RC Trucks Rc Crawlers Remote Control Car with Two Rechargeable Batteries Off Road Vehicle for Kids amp Adults Blue 4. However it has its issues. Seems like its starving for fuel. Nissans will go into a quot limp home quot mode nbsp Comments Is it just your tachometer or can you feel the vehicle surging Any errors codes or is your check engine light nbsp 28 Nov 2006 the vehicle up to a computer or do I need to wait for the check engine light to come on. com Oct 09 2015 Here 39 s the deal I drove my car to work the other day and all was well. The car also sputters and rpm begins to fluctuate while driving. Thought it might be transmission had it serviced to no Jul 27 2011 Lately my car has been shutting off very frequently at idle like at a red light. p. It was at the garage for a day everything checked out good. I have used gasoline additive Lucas 3 different times. the vibration seems to be in my seat. 7 crane roller rockers diy cut ported epoxy filled kegger aluminum plenum plate 53mm throttle body jacobs pro street cd ignition bosch design 3 39 s 24lbs vette injectors mopar p doug thorley tri y 39 s taylor 8. It kind of shakes sputters kind of skips in that 18 Nov 2019 We want our cars to run smooth as butter so if it starts to judder stutter and jerk it 39 s very disconcerting. Learn about crash test ratings . There was also a slight metallic rubber smell. What would cause my 1999 ford expedition to sputter after acceleration exceeds 45 mph 1 2. Occasionally at cruising My car sputters when accelerating at a light. I managed to get it moving but it hit 10 12 MPH on mostly flat land where 27 MPH was common . 1 2 3 Aug 25 2011 But when I accelerate out of the parking lot it hesitates and really sputters. 2005 Saturn ION manual 197k miles It starts and runs in idle . Once it gets about 3k rpms it starts sputtering and bucking and won 39 t accelerate at all. It 39 s just at 60 mph and just started doing that yesterday. There are no lights or codes just runs like sh t. Aug 14 2017 Engine Sputtering Suddenly Magnet Broken In Dist Fox Engine Swaparoo 1 Jul 8 2014 Help Sputtering During Acceleration Fox 5. 28 Jan 2008 traveling anywhere between 40 50 mph usuallyif you let off the gasand go again sometimes it kind of makes the car like shake on nbsp 21 Feb 2019 Cars and trucks are engineered fora smooth ride and when they . There is a shudder under acceleration that starts at 30 mph and will continue to 40 mph were it goes away. Car runs great between 0 40 mph and from about 50 mph on up but the car jerks while eccelerating between ab Hi there my 2000 Honda Civic sputters a bit after it starts and then smooths out and runs fine. The only thing worth noting is that her car was recently rear ended while she was stopped by someone who was probably traveling around 20 30 mph. Pt cruiser 2006 is sputtering sometimes 92 015 Not all the times but some time it just sputters and can 39 t go over 35 mph 92 015 Posted edited by AnonymousUser on 06 07 2020 Answers Answer 1 of 6 Why a car refuses to exceed a speed of 20 mph can have a range of reasons and depends partly on the make of the car as well as whether it uses manual or automatic transmission. Jan 23 1997 It 39 ll rev way up between 40 and 45 mph with the tachometer about halfway between 3 000 and 4 000. 3 L 150k miles Was driving truck when it started sputtering then it went away. This would result in the engine being Ford escape sputtering during acceleration Mar 21 2001 Car sputters at high rpm I raced my buddy the other day and when we raced my car was pulling good until about 4000 rpm. No luck. 4 out of 5 stars 464 37. over the past few weeks i have gone on little test drives turning the timing up a little as seems ness. I understand the higher octane fuel usually requires you to Ever since I took my mustang to the race track I noticed on the way home on the highway while traveling around 60mph when I drop the car down into 3rd gear and hammer on the throttle the car will quot hesitate quot or quot sputter quot not sure if either of those are the rite two words but it feels like it is I was driving on a highway with the speed limit increasing from 35 mph to 55 mph. They The dealership that sold me the car said they were unable to duplicate the problem since they were unable to take the car over 55 mph. Conversely if you have 35 degrees of dwell you are 10 degrees retarded and that will cause a nbsp 4 Jul 2016 Forcing the accelerator down makes the engine bog and sputter and not go any faster. Jump to Latest Follow 1 9 of 9 Posts. 4 Triton gas engine 4X4 The car shakes and sputters when accelerating from 0 to 35 mph. After getting car back to stock and flashing stock tune the car would not go over 30 mph without sputtering. These reasons can include anything from a simple problem with the spark plugs such as a worn plug or two a loose or faulty lead etc. Just letting off the gas makes it go away. Recent It continues to sputter now as I drive around 35 40 mph. Car sputters when stomping on the gas. Went to the dealership on Saturday and had them hook up my Rubicon to their computer and scan for any codes. Feb 19 2013 The most common reason for a car to shake is related to tires. 6 hours ago A car hesitates when accelerating is a symptom that shows an imperfect internal combustion in your engine. For the first time yesterday I noticed it sputtering at highway speed 60 70mph . Aug 17 2006 At certain speeds the car sputters. We 39 re not talking about a knocking engine or one that idles rough or stalls. No check engine light came on or any The car has started jerking around 40 50 mph my wife said the a few weeks ago. i see there have been many complaints about this but no recall this has also happened while driving a both 35 40 mph on city streets and has happened a total of about six times. sort of new hear. SSE winds shifting to WSW at 20 to 30 mph. i. Since I own it three summers now on the highway just at 75 MPH is starts to sputters. It has inconsistent sputtering at speeds from 35 60 mph and on some acce Mostly sunny skies. Turned out to be a bad alternator. No matter how long the trip is. The biggest mistake I ve seen people make on YouTube reviews and Apr 02 2020 If the car is fuel injected a blocked or malfunctioning fuel injector might be causing the problem. After about 30 miles at highway speed the transmission oil temperature light comes on. Winds could occasionally gust over 40 mph Other times it goes very sharp 65 mph. When i drive down hiway it runs fine but when i My 2007 dodge nitro sputters between 35 amp 55 mph. Daehawk 11 15 2013 07 35 nbsp 13 Jul 2017 Bucking jerking at 45 60 MPH under acceleration. Oct 19 2008 My vehicle starts to sputter at 35 45 mph like its running out of gas I replaced fuel filters spark plugs cap amp rotor Answered by a verified Chevy Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. 82 mph with a 1. So I decided to go to my trusted mechanic who assured me that I should not be worried as he looks at what is the exact cause of my problem. Answer. It does not seem to do this if the AC is off and I 39 m just cruising. For about the last two weeks my car has been sputtering between 40 60 mph both during acceleration and while cruising at a set speed. intermittent pressure when under demand . Car seems to hesitate 35 40 mph. I am going to change them very soon and will be sure to have the blue gasket material valve cover gaskets. I know this is very ambiguous but it helps to go about solving the problem thinking about it that way. Mar 01 2019 Auxbeam 42 quot LED Light Bar 240W Spot Flood Combo Off Road Lights Driving Lights LED Work Lights 5D Lens with Wiring Harness for Car SUV UTV ATV Pickup Truck 109. The old replacement black valve cover gaskets are leaking again. Re Car shudders around 35 40 mph please help Post by Mercury Ford nut Tue Apr 14 2015 10 31 pm Having the same problem on my 2004 Mercury sable ls P. RC Car SHARKOOL 2020 Updated 2. Could this problem be due to the hole in the tank and Dec 03 2018 Engine Misfire While Moving . As I pulled into my drive way and came to a stop it stalled completely. May 20 2014 My car spits and sputters at 35 mph after that runs fine its an automatic with. If you own a car it probably makes noises you can 39 t identify but would love to fix. so 1990 Ford Bronco II 2. 4L Avenger has never had an issue starting until three days it wouldn t start it cranked ticked lights flashed dim so I got a jump drive it home 10 miles and the speedometer was going haywire between 20 35 mph but not affecting my actual speed and the lightning bolt light came on and some other dash panel lights flashed on and May 22 2019 Sure thing You have 30 days to return if you don t like it so worth the try I think. it has only 36000 miles on it. It sounds like the fuel supply is being interrupted. Out of frustration the macanic changed the fuel filter. I have a 2005 T amp C 3. They did agree to let a service guy ride with me while I tried to duplicate the problem but we never got around to it since I moved out of town the next Oct 09 2015 Here 39 s the deal I drove my car to work the other day and all was well. I don 39 t think it is a transmission issue as the transmission will shift with no affect on the shudder. The radiator also looks like it is new. A sputtering car might mean you re about to run out of gas or it could point to something more serious like an issue in the fuel or exhaust system including dirty or worn out parts. I replaced the fuel filter air filter cleaned Throttle Body checked vacuum system and EGR. These include the spark nbsp 27 Jan 2015 Pathfinder or a 2013 2014 Infiniti JX35 QX60 vehicle equipped with the If you currently own or lease an affected vehicle Nissan will extend the Most of the time that I am accelerating between 20 25 MPH the vehicle is shaking. Please help I Jan 12 2012 When I hit the 45 55 mph range or 2 000 2 500 range the truck starts feeling slugish. This has been happening in the morning and at the end of the work day this week. Performance is fine otherwise. I believe I 39 ve asked y 39 all before. More stars mean safer cars. It felt as if the engine was providing power for a couple of seconds then stopped the power delivery for a couple of seconds and it kept doing this over and over. Then all of a sudden it will shift and the tach will jump back down under 2 000. The problem has persisted but only occurs randomly. I just had the spark plugs plug wires distributor cap timing belt tensioners and two of the injectors changed. My car had the same problem no code but the car had cold start problem. I think plugs are OK. The car sputters or jerks Sep 29 2004 Hi Ive had my 72 Cutlass S for about 6 months. Example. The RPMs drop and the car basically chokes. Hums and runs like a tank on the highway 70 80 mph. Sometimes this is accompanied by my check engine light coming on. I continue driving to work at 50 70 MPH with absolutely no problems from there. Horse On Cobblestones 17. Hauled to the shop and it ran just fine for days. WEST WINDS 20 TO 35 MPH WITH GUSTS UP TO 60 MPH POSSIBLE. Winds could occasionally gust over 40 mph. The problem of the car shutting off wasn 39 t resolved until the MAF sensor was cleaned. I went to leave for lunch and as I was leaving the parking lot the car was sputtering and jerking and would not accelerate beyond say 30 mph also creating some white smoke. They also recommended I replace the spark plug wires since it has 80K miles on it. I applied the brake and slowed down until the car in front of me completed their turn. Check engine light is not on no codes found. Engine starts right up and idles smoothly. My car has 33000 miles. Have 200 Ford Focus Wagon 2. Reply 1 Hesitation is when your engine misfires stumbles or lacks power Car jerks when accelerating between 40 amp 50 mph 14 Answers. nope. 03 20 2001 10 35 PM 8 Feb 06 2014 However three times on longer trips one the car was definitely running at 55 mph with cruise control on she just cut out. 1. It is also possible that a break in the fuel delivery lines is causing a loss of power to the engine which causes engine sputtering. 4L 4x4 Access Cab Torspd Custom Turbo kit Borg Warner 9180EFR Turbo Haltech Elite 2500 TiAL Q BOV TiAL V44 Wastegate 15psi CP Pistons CP Carrillo Rods ARP Head studs ARP Main Studs ARP Header Head Studs Ported Heads w 1mm oversized valves The car continues to sputter for another 5 seconds or so and then smooths out as I reach 10 MPH. My gauge red lines past 18 1. The van engine sputters between 35 and 50 mph whether I 39 m on flat road or going up an incline. My son says it sputters between 1500 and 3000 rpm My wife 39 s 2006 CRV gets the shakes sometimes when the speed hovers at or just above 40 mph. so not sure how lean its going. Nov 10 2013 Ford Escape 2007 Sputters At 30 40 Mph Idles Intermittently Nov 10 2013. The truck will sputter jerk. At that time the problem occurred only at above 70 mph. No check engine light came on. SN95 4. May 18 2012 It is strange but my problem is off and on. Once the car when i restart the vehicle it takes a minute for the engine to turn over. 73k miles. No codes Dealer can 39 t find problem. it seems like its running out of gas. We 39 re talking about engines that start easily and accelerate smoothly but then after a few minutes at a steady speed either surge in speed or misfire causing the car to quot buck. Red bolt illuminated on dashboard. Riverboat Whistle 3 Blasts 16. I am looking for help diagnosing the issue. Car would not accelerate past 15 mph and steering and braking became difficult. took it to a mechanic thinking it could be the timing belt but he right away told me that it was the tranny. Jan 26 2019 Eddie spent 35 years in the automotive business with Honda. 2005 STS V8 Joined Oct 5 2013 19 Posts . first they said the computer had to be reprogrammed that didn 39 t fix it the dealership said there 39 s nothing they can do. I did the following to fix the problem but so far no luck. It sputters with sudden acceleration. It has inconsistent sputtering at speeds from 35 60 mph and on some acce I ride a 72 R75 5. My car is spitting and spatting. 360 magnum power 165 000 miles dynoed 230 290 on 35 39 s 1. We 39 ve had no luck with the dealer finding the cause. does not overheat I can drive it in neighborhood but I can not go on road . Car Horn 12. view details Jun 03 2019 New to the forum. 1996 Ford Aspire . If you drive the car under 3 000 RPM it always performs normally and has never had a problem. I don 39 t know where else to turn. Higher wind gusts possible. He is an ASE Certified Master Technician and has bruised knuckles to prove it. Jun 03 2018 I have a 2012 traverse. 40 45 in 3rd or 4th just seems to struggle to run smoothly. Is the fuel injector bad or clogged and At 47500 miles truck studerring Ford replaced Coil Assembly 6 and plug 10 mos later same problem at 56000 miles Ford replaced 8 coild and plug PCV valve fuel injection service Now 14 months later at69000 miles truck sputters at 60 80 kilometres per hour It appears that they are fixing the effect but what is the cause It is 5. The idle is very nbsp 30 Jun 2016 Engine Problems. Feb 06 2017 Last month when out of town my husband was driving my car and told me it felt like it quot sputtering as if it were running out of gas quot . Could it be that The timing is at 8 10 btdc specs says 8 . In my 35 minute commute the issue usually happens once or twice usually when accelerating. My 2007 V6 Escape 39 sputters 39 at 30 40 MPH and sometimes at idle with moderate pressure on gas pedal. This was more of a sputtering like it was being starved for gas. Any thoughts Additional questions welcomed. I have to shift into neutral when slowing down at stop signs or red lights less than 5 10 mph . My 2007 Hyundai Veracruz often acts like it isn 39 t getting sufficient gas when I drive especially at about 35 mph. When this is the cause the inspector hears a clicking sound addition to sputtering. Engine Hesitates Stumbles Lacks Normal Power The computer uses this information to determine how much fuel is needed to maintain the correct air fuel mixture and when extra fuel is needed if the throttle suddenly opens wide. After about 1 4 tank of gas worth of running the engine voila It started hitting around 48 49 mph again. Chance of rain 100 . It happened to her again yesterday. It 39 s starts easy and idles and revs up like a champ. The car does not sound like it is missing or sputtering at all. Aug 12 2008 When you start the car from a cold start it 39 ll idle in the low 800 900 rpms rev up a few times into 1100 1200 then idle fine at 1000rpms. The car seems bone stock except for a cobb underdrive pulley. It just feels like something is preventing the car from being able to break 3 000 RPM. It is a 39 91 Honda Accord EX auto station wagon. The cars idling low around 600 700 RPM. The van drives OK but its really starting to annoy me. Had it towed to the mechanic. It smells of gas real bad after being filled up. It idles fine and everything. e. The car will jerk real bad when driving at a steady speed and also when slightly accelerating. This shaking starts at around 50 55 miles per hour mph . It feels like you 39 re riding over rumble strips on the road. No check engine lights whatsoever. . Try the fuel filter or the fuel pump. I recently got a new starter. Then going faster it spats and sputters. 2008 02 16 03 31 55 There could be a few causes for a car to spit and Driving home on a local street that allowed 25mph I was going 23 mph the wrench light came up the car started shaking and the speed reduced to under 5ph. Current mileage is 194 000. Clean air filter oil is clean no antifreeze that I can see . I managed to pull the car over put it in gear and turn it off took the keys out and waited for about 5 minutes and started the car the light went off and I was able to drive myself home. Under normal driving it will sputter miss jerk almost like its not getting fuel maybe its a transmission issue. There are a few parts within a vehicle 39 s engine that could cause a car to shake if they malfunction. Would lose power at 70 mph and after some 30 minutes rest would barely run and stumbled badly. around 35 45 mph when accelerating. Car sputters when gets warm. The car jerks when I gently speed up from about 50 mph. Upon acceleration between the speeds of 20 to 40 mph the car feels as if it is sputtering or bucking. Will drop from 75 to around 60 mph on highway. its not even one year old. This comes and goes but happens enough that I nbsp My car spits and sputters at 35 mph after that runs fine its an automatic with. No check engine light came on or any Apr 29 2010 in a nutshelllet off clutch reallyyyy slow she goes 5 mph and like 900 rpm 1000 rpm floor it car sputters thru out entire redline sometimes CEL comes on and car runs really rough with rough idle and barley any acceleration when CEL comes on i turn car off and turn back on and no more light run the same process again a couple times and Jun 30 2003 I have a 1995 Toyota 4runner I purchased used. If the tires are out of balance then the steering wheel can shake. Just sputters. Car runs great around town no overheating sputtering or anything. 238 000 miles. Flat Don 39 t be too hasty sometimes I get covered up and take way longer than you think it might take to get stuff done. 1 2 3 This was more of a sputtering like it was being starved for gas. I get into the city and about 10 minutes afterwards the sputtering problem starts. On the highway it cruises smoothly at 70 with no problem. Boings 3 Different 20. once it gets to 35 mph it 39 s fine . m. Right around the same time the sputtering started the alternator belt loosened up a bit and started to make that high pitch noise upon starting then it would stop. I 39 ve changed the fuel filter and everything was fine for a little bit but now it 39 s back acting up. Railers 39 offense sputters in semifinal loss to Southeast at Collinsville Lincoln shot 35. That fixed the problem. Jan 25 2010 Car ran great for a year and half then started to mis fire again. This comes and goes but happens enough that I have a service appointment scheduled for tomorrow with the dealership. It seems like I have a loss of power when accelerating and driving around 50 60 mph at 2k rpm. This quot sputtering quot is only noticable at around 50 mph. Jun 26 2010 I never get this issue at highway speeds above 45 mph. Foghorn 14. Obviously if the fuel injector goes bad or is clogged then it won t be able to adequately spray fuel into the engine. Speed was now down to about 25 MPH and the car was sputtering up the hill about 25 of the time. Prev. My car is hesitating jerking at speed intervals of 20 mph 30 mph 35 mph and 40 mph. I have tried not using overdrive. Turned out to be a bad fuel pump. The frontal barrier test simulates a head on collision between two similar vehicles each moving at 35 mph. My car has an automatic transmission. A fuel injector is responsible for actually spraying the fuel brought in by the fuel pump into each cylinder. Just today as I 39 m accelerating to about 55 mph I start to lose power. On one occasion the sputtering was comple Jan 12 2012 When I hit the 45 55 mph range or 2 000 2 500 range the truck starts feeling slugish. At that moment a bad transmission can cause the car to jerk and that could be accompanied by a loud quot slamming FYI I had a car that did this when I was coming off an entrance ramp to the highway as I accelerated through 30 mph to Highway speed it bogged. 5 l with 200 000 km sputters when accelerating at low rpms since a few weeks. 623 159. Once that range Answered by a verified Auto Mechanic 2003 Mercury Grand Marquis. First off when i got the car running i had the timing light ready so i could check set the timing to around 10 16 deg BTDC. 99 BOXI 2 Pcs Liftgate Lift Supports Struts Shocks Dampers For 2005 2006 Chevrolet Suburban 15002500 Chevrolet Tahoe GMC Yukon GMC Yukon Denali GMC Yukon XL 1500 GMC Yukon XL 2500 A couple of days later I fired it up but it ran horribly. 34 60 39 5. No check engine light. They See full list on paulsgiganticgarage. we have a 2012 camry with about 65 000 miles on it. I describe it almost like starting to go up a hill and you can feel the car loosing power and you have to hit the pedal to get more power. 9 loses power and kinda sputters when going uphill. 9 Sputtering 3 Answers. Mar 31 2010 I drive a 2001 Ford Focus SE. Car noises are not just annoying sometimes they are a warning sign like the calm before a storm. The 2006 11 VW TDI models seem to have a common issue as shown by complaints to NHTSA about hesitation and or a quot hiccup quot that is a split second pause usually when when accelerating. This usually means that either the filter is blocked one of the lines is blocked or the breather is blocked or as nbsp 25 Jan 2017 FYI I had a car that did this when I was coming off an entrance ramp to the highway as I accelerated through 30 mph to Highway speed it nbsp 31 Aug 2004 It happened to her again yesterday. It gets worse around 60 mph but starts to get better at high speeds. First team offense sputters in Several emergency departments responded to Feeder Road Saturday afternoon after a car drove off the side of the road took down a power pole and came to rest in the Miami and Erie Canal Feeder. Dec 08 2009 Now I notice the r. The engine seems to 39 miss 39 when traveling between 30 50 mph AND going up an incline regardless how small . The sputtering sound started around that time. No check engine light came on or any Have 200 Ford Focus Wagon 2. Discussion in Have owned this car for 10 years well maintained just started this recently. I have purchased full tanks of gasoline from 3 different gas stations. I took a trip to a city that is about 30 35 miles away from me. There are various reasons why a car can nbsp A car 39 s transmission is vital for the car to function properly. The car feels like its stuttering and wants to stall. Jun 28 2017 my car won t accelerate when I push the gas I have been told that this is a common problem found in vehicles with extensive mileage coverage. The person that I sold the parts to traded me for his map stock turbo and stock fuel system. Old Car Sputters amp Backfires 9. Last Edit Nov 2 2007 0 Sputters Nov 7 2007 23 56 And these LED I want to get both for my car amp scooter for license When the car has coasted down to about 20 mph depress the clutch select 3rd gear press throttle pedal half way down and hold it steady and let the clutch up to start the engine. this issue started when I had about 97000 miles and has gotten worse. If I slow down 35 mph for a few minutes the light goes off. Last week nbsp 16 Mar 2017 Accelerating a vehicle from zero to even a slow speed like 35 or 40 mph several times takes quite a bit more energy than accelerating a vehicle nbsp Your check engine light means that there is an error code stored that will tell you where the issue is. No matter what I did I couldn 39 t get it to accelerate to merge into traffic. You can feel it in the steering wheel too. first thought new tires would do it. It 39 ll do it for about the first 1 2 tank of gas then run normally. It has been sputtering going down the highway at speeds above 40 mph and have to take the foot off the gas pedal and it will start going again until I reach over 40 mph. Combines Driver and Passenger star ratings into a single frontal rating. coils started to smoke. Two units each from the Ohio State Highway Patrol St. Will do 35 if not under a load or going down hill. Replaced fuel filter. This is the first time Ive Oct 08 2007 This occurs after the car has been driven for about 35 40 minutes otherwise it performs normally. In the past year I have replaced my Cap Rotor plugs crank sensor fuel pump thermostat cat converter and transmission. Best 1 4 mile time 8. Mar 21 2010 Petrol engines pump air and add gas. I took it to the Chrysler dealership and they replaced the cam and crank sensors and gave it a clean bill of health. Apparently my car is difficult to do a tune up on and plugs wires and distributor cap are quite difficult to reach. Throttle body assembly malfunction While driving 2014 Jeep Patriot at approximately 40 mph in a semi residential area shortly after exiting the highway experienced a sudden loss of speed and steering control. 0 Mustang Tech 4 Mar 12 2014 S Sound Of Air Sputtering On Underside Of Car Towards Exhaust Manifold Area. Perfect from 1 35mph and 50 80mph. No redline just nbsp 16 Mar 2012 Folks I have a 2006 1500 ram mega cab with 105 000 miles on it. It can also cause the check engine light to come in. Then it sputter NO back firing in either the carburetor or the exhaust. Sometimes me and my helper are working on as many as 10 or 12 cars at a time. car sputters at 35 mph