“There are few things that give me such a sense of calm, peace and healing as the sessions on the MLT with Maurah. The profound healing on the MLT is amazing! SM

Wellness Energetics“The Merkaba Light Table, developed by Deb Peterson, as a spiritual acceleration device, with the Angelic Merkaba uses sacred geometry in a specific configuration based on the triangle and star octahedron geometry. The MER (light) KA (spirit) BA (body) creates a sacred space for accelerating spiritual consciousness. The Angelic Merkaba, so named because the angelic realm channeled to Deb the exact purpose and configuration for the MLT, with the ‘DNA Ascension spiral’ or Caduseus Coil and 9 (representing completion) spiraling energies of gold and silver around the center column, which represents Balance, Oneness, and Completion. ”

According to Deb,” Light, sound and energy activate the frequencies encoded in each merkaba, thus opening pathways to the Divine. Physical merkabas are patterns and expressions of all etheric energy. They play a role in divine unity.”
“The purpose of the Angelic Merkaba is: 1 to accelerate your spiritual consciousness 2 to help connect with the angels and beings of light 3 to clear and balance the chakra system (7 merkabas are placed above each of the 7 chakras.)
4 to clear sacred space in a home 5 to use as a complimentary energetic healing modality to Reiki, massage, Crystal Bed Therapy, Solfeggio Tuning Fork Sound Therapy, etc. 6 to strengthen the energy grid of Mother Earth.

” Using the MLT can assist in transmuting negativity held in DNA, cells, chakras, meridians, and all levels of the spiritual body. ”
“The merkaba session with the Angelic Merkaba uses crystals, sacred oils, tuning forks, and meditation to aid in transmuting, clearing, healing, and balancing the body, mind, emotions and spirit.

” Using sacred geometry, the spiraling energies of the Angelic Merkaba (while spinning at 50 rpm above the person lying on the massage table) tap into Quantum Physics and Scalar Energy. As an intelligent energy, it knows where to go and what is needed to transmute at the time.
Releasing old data/programming/limitations held in us can work on all bodies: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual…increasing one’s connection to the God-Self (True Self), Love and Abundance. ”
“The MLT works well with other healing modalities.”

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call Maurah at 509 292 5144 in Elk, WA. MLT sessions are $60 or for a set of three $150.

  • Maurah is a Certified Master Practitioner of the Merkaba Light Table.



MLT (Merkaba Light Table

MLT (Merkaba Light Table)