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1 The Healing Center at Free Space | Lodging

Lodging and Meals at The Healing Center
Lodging is limited (maximum people is 7) and for workshop participants only.
 The men and women’s quarters are separate, 2 men may sleep downstairs on the first floor of The Healing Center in a separate room off of the main hall, and up to 5 women are housed upstairs in the loft of The Healing Center. There are partitions to keep it private. This is dorm-style sleeping.

The compost toilets are in 2 separate buildings with 2 compost toilets in each building… outside the building. There is 1 shower and 1 sink in one of the outside buildings, the “Blue Loo.” There is also a compost toilet (Lovable Loo) in The Healing Center on the first floor.

This is an off-the-grid building. It is a solar property. Water is brought into the building as there is no running water inside the building.

The cost of lodging and meals is as follows:
Lodging and dinner the Friday night before the workshop, Saturday and Sunday with 3 meals per day, and Monday morning breakfast, for a total of 8 meals and 3 nights lodging.

Meals are organic and can be specialized to be vegetarian, meat,  gluten-free, dairy free or other options. (You need to specify your needs.) Whatever your dietary stipulations, your needs will be met. If you have allergies or foods you’d prefer not to eat, please advise us when you make your reservations. Do you drink tea or coffee? With cream?
 The cost is all-inclusive for lodging and 8 meals and is $320.00 for the weekend. To secure a reservation, send $75 in US dollars to Maurah Kaunah. For information email You need to pay in full in US dollars before you arrive by PayPal (“send money to family and friends” to avoid the PayPal fee), or check or money order in US dollars made out to Maurah Kaunah. If for some reason you are unable to attend the workshop and you have paid for it, you may take the next class during the year you registered as your money will not be refunded. (FSS policy) This is a comfortable, cozy and quiet place in nature. We do our best to meet your needs.

  • We regret we are unable to allow you to cook or prepare meals in The Healing Center as we are not setup for that in our facility.
  • If you wish to have lodging only and to eat off the premises, you may speak to Maurah about a separate price for just lodging.

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