“While my friend Leon and I were in Brazil, Leon came to me and said, ‘We are going to start a healing center together, and you need to buy that Crystal Bed.” I said, ‘I will journey about it and let you know.’ This is how it all began, and I have Leon and the Helping Spirits to thank for The Healing Center’s fruition.”

In 2013 The Healing Center began after Leon Sproule and I went to Brazil on a spiritual journey. It has been evolving and changing ever since.

Free Space is a 69 acre plot of land on Eloika Lake, WA, where all are welcome…people, animals and all life. As a permaculturist my ethics are: ‘Care for the land, Care for the people, and Share the surplus.’ We use no pesticides or herbicides and don’t allow animals to be hunted. We take caring for all in nature VERY seriously. As an off-the-grid solar farm, we grow organic gardens, fruit trees and more. We have chickens who forage freely on the land, which is protected via netting/fencing for them from predators. We have 2 powerful vortexes on the land, which beckons you to walk upon it, to honor it and experience its magnificence. We have a tipi higher up on the land, an angelic medicine wheel, a village of rock people, eagles, deer, turkeys galore, geese, ducks, osprey, golden and bald eagles, 2 ponds, and an occasional moose walking through the property.

As steward of the land, I take my job seriously to do my best for the land, checking in with the spirits of the land and with my shamanic Helping Spirits to see what is needed/wanted by all life here.

The Healing Center at Free Space is housed in a pole barn type building with compost toilets inside and out. One Loo has a shower and sink too. We now offer limited dorm-style lodging and meals for very small groups (2 men downstairs, 5 women upstairs in the loft).

Here in the building known as The Healing Center we have shamanic workshops. We see individual clients for a vast array of healing modalities.  We offer a monthly drumming circle  for both men and women (Divine Feminine Drumming Circle to honor the Divine Feminine in both men and women).

Our new bullhide cedar Pow Wow drum made by Keith Little Badger in Alabama is here!

We have 3 free events monthly: the Drumming Circle, a Healing Day and a 2 1/2 hour meditation called “Current.”

We have a Lending Library to share with everyone locally.

The Healing Center cannot be separate from Free Space, the land, as it is inviting all to experience its splendor, beauty and amazing healing energy.”

Leon Sproule’s website: www.findingthefuture.org

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