“Since meeting Maurah, I have been very impressed with the amount of knowledge she has gathered on shamanic healing. In my travels along the path of Spirit, I have seldom found anyone who is so kind, humble, knowledgeable and passionate about healing others while providing peace of mind and healing. ” Andarta

“Maurah is a gifted shamanic practitioner and healer. She is compassionate and skilled in her shamanic practice. Working with her Spirit Helpers, she is able to discern what is most needed for the person seeking healing.” JM

Maurah is a skilled shamanic practitioner studying and sharing her knowledge learned from the safe and sane Foundation for Shamanic Studies started by Michael Harner. There is no reason to be fearful of the unknown and unseen when working with Maurah as she has been well-trained and explains everything thoroughly before each session.Thank you Maurah,


Soul Loss and Shamanic Power Soul Retrieval
A Power Soul Retrieval is a powerful practice that can heal soul loss, which can occur whenever we have trauma in our life. We may experience soul loss in an accident, while undergoing a serious operation, or if we lose a close friend or family member or in numerous other ways. Soul loss is a common cause of illness. According to Michael Harner of The Foundation for Shamanic Studies, “People who are not spiritually ‘power-filled’ are prone to illness, accidents and misfortune.” This healing modality is based on “re-empowering a client’s soul after it’s been returned so the client is spiritually power-filled leading to greater health and well-being.”

Sandra Ingerman says, In soul loss we lose “crucial parts of ourselves that provide us with life and vitality.” Soul loss is the experience of an essential part of us leaving, and soul retrieval is the shamanic method for bringing back a vital part lost and returning it to its owner. With a missing soul part, you may not feel quite whole, have a chronic illness or face ongoing emotions like sadness or anger.

Soul loss can occur at any age and soul retrieval can be done at any age.
Another quote from Michael Harner: “As a shamanic practitioner, if you want shamanic healing, that is what I do. I will not be discussing with my client what I see. That’s shamanism! If you want to be presented with stories, that is not what I do. I would not ask my doctor how he took out my appendix. This will allow the client to integrate the shamanic work done more easily.”

turtleThings to do before a Soul Retrieval:
Choose a time when you will have time for yourself after the Soul Retrieval.
Refrain from alcohol or mind-altering substance 24 hours before and after the Soul Retrieval.

Pay attention to your dreams.
Consider any looping patterns in your life you are ready to release.

Diagnostic Journeying
In my shamanic practice, after someone gives me symptoms of how they are feeling, with their permission, I will do a diagnostic journey to see what the Helping Spirits recommend for that person. I never know and don’t try to guess what is best for the client. The Helping Spirits know that person and can advise me as to what the client needs.

Curse Unraveling
Curses may come from actions and words spoken and targeted at an individual from families, ethnic groups, outcasts,religious groups or schools or even one’s self. They may be intentional or unintentional.

I personally feel the curse is a lie that the person possessing it has come to believe, either consciously or unconsciously. It is projected ill-intention often seen as repetitive and unhealthy patterns that afflict individuals or an entire family line.

Compassionate Depossession
According to my Compassionate Depossession teacher, the renowned Betsy Bergstrom, “Possession is a rather normal occurrence. Like other natural occurrences, it is more common than people know. The average view of possession is that it either doesn’t exist at all, or it is the sort of possession as seen in the film’ The Exorcist,’ which is a representation of what we call ‘demonic’ possession. Most possession is by much more benign beings, who more or less ‘overshadow’ rather than fully possess a person.

Sometimes when a person dies in an unhealthy death such as an accident, a suicide, a catastrophe or not wanting to let go of people or due to religious beliefs (fear of where they are going after death), they may not make a smooth transition. Attachment and confusion can result in a person being an earth-bound spirit. They may not even know they are dead. An earth-bound spirit can stay as an unattached ghost or can find itself attracted to the light or life force of a living person.

Possession happens to a living person when the earth-bound deceased being attaches to the energetic field of the living. What the deceased person gains from this is light, energy, a place to be or a place that is a familiar feeling or is comforting. Most of those lost souls have no desire to possess a living human; it simply happens. Many have no understanding of their situation, often not realizing they are dead. When possession occurs, the effect on the living person may vary greatly. Often, the feeling is one of being ‘overshadowed.’ The emotional state of the deceased, as well as their fears, predilections, vices, desires and even bodily locations of illnesses, injury, or trauma may be transferred to the living host. In most cases, the possessing person is just trying to get its needs met and desires met.

The average possession or overshadowing can result in illness, anger, fear, depression, mood swings, voices in the head, experiencing what seem like a past life, nightmares and sexual stimulation.”

Depossession is compassionate and non-adversarial. It seeks to restore balance and healing in a win-win situation for both client and possessing spirit.

The process I use as a shamanic practitioner is gentle, compassionate and loving for both the client and the suffering being. I see it as a gift for both of them. It is permanent as the suffering being is helped to make its transition.

This is a person who conducts souls to an appropriate place after death. There are also psychopomp beings in the spirit world to help conduct souls where they need to go after death. I consider them my greatest helpers in doing this work and call on them for this work as they are easily recognized by all.

MaurahShamanic Divination
Here, I as the shamanic practitioner, journey into NOR (non ordinary reality) to obtain answers to questions at the request of others.

Shamanic Extraction Healing
This is a method of shamanic healing seeing, sensing, and removing localized illness and pain related to spiritual factors. As always I must first be given permission by the client to do the work.

Power Animal Retrieval
As the shamanic practitioner, I journey with the client’s permission, to find a Power Animal who wants to work with the client.
This is a favorite of most clients…finding an ally for them…

Teach the client how to journey to NOR (non ordinary reality)

This is done with sonic driving, drumming or rattling at a fast beat. This is an important tool for those doing shamanic work.

As a shamanic practitioner, I have completed the following Foundation for Shamanic Studies (FSS) courses:

Basic The Way of the Shaman
Shamanic Divination Training
Shamanic Extraction Healing Training
Shamanic Power Soul Retrieval
Shamanism, Dying and Beyond
Shamanism and the Spirits of Nature
Shamanic Dreamwork
Two-Week Shamanic Healing Intensive
Three-Year Program of Advanced Initiations in Shamanism and Shamanic Healing

With Betsy Bergstrom’s work I have completed the following shamanic work:

With Simon Buxton at The Sacred Trust in UK: Compassionate Depossession and Curse Unraveling

With Betsy Bergstrom in Seattle: Advanced Compassionate Depossession