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The Healing Center at Free Spacegurus

“While my friend Leon and I were in Brazil at the Casa De Dom Inacio seeing John of God, Leon came to me and said, ‘We are going to start a healing center together, and you need to buy that Crystal Bed.” I said, ‘I will journey about it and let you know.’ This is how it all began, and I have Leon and the Helping Spirits to thank for The Healing Center’s fruition.”  

Leon Sproule’s link is: www.findingthefuture.org


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Light-TableCrystal Bed Light Therapy

John of God is a world-renowned spiritual healer from Abadiania Brazil. He allows a specific group of spirits or what he calls “entities” to take over his body and perform miraculous healings while he remains completely unconscious of what is happening. These healings can and do appear on all levels- whether spiritual, mental, emotional or physical. Through John of God, literally millions of people have come and received healing for the past 40 years. He does the healing free of charge, and he works and travels long hours to help those in need.


eLight Table



RattlesMerkaba Light Table


“The Merkaba Light Table, developed by Deb Peterson, as a spiritual acceleration device, with the Angelic Merkaba uses sacred geometry in a specific configuration based on the triangle and star octahedron geometry. The MER (light) KA (spirit) BA (body) creates a sacred space for accelerating spiritual consciousness. The Angelic Merkaba, so named because the angelic realm channeled to Deb the exact purpose and configuration for the MLT, with the ‘DNA Ascension spiral’ or Caduseus Coil and 9 (representing completion) spiraling energies of gold and silver around the center column, which represents Balance, Oneness, and Completion. ”


MLT (Merkaba Light Table

MLT (Merkaba Light Table



RattlesReiki Master Therapy

Maurah Kaunah is a Reiki Master taught in the tradition and from the lineage of  Mikao Usui by Brenda Clark in California. She was taught Levels I and II to Reiki Master.


Prayer Triangle. This is blessed by the Entities used to connect your prayers to the Entities of the Casa. At The Healing Center simply place your written prayer on a small piece of paper, and place it in the Triangle. It will be removed and burned after 3 days.










RattlesLodging and Meals at The Healing Center

Lodging is limited (maximum people is 7) and for workshop participants only.
The men and women’s quarters are separate, 2 men may sleep downstairs on the first floor of The Healing Center in a separate room off of the main hall, and up to 5 women are housed upstairs in the loft of The Healing Center. There are partitions to keep it private. This is dorm-style sleeping.


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RattlesVoyager Tarot

Maurah is a certified Voyager Tarot Consultant, having studied with the developer of it, James Wanless, Ph.D in San Francisco.

“No longer fortune telling, Voyager Tarot reading is Fortune Creation. Consultations are an inspiring, empowering, proactive process for creating your future!” It can be a road map for navigating your life. This can help one in his/her personal life, in relationships, in business and more.

1 hour consultation with Maurah is $60.
Contact Maurah for a reading at maurahkaunah@hotmail.com or 509 292 5144.


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Tuning-ForksSolfeggio Tuning Fork Sound Therapy

These original sound frequencies were used in ancient Gregorian chants, including the great hymn to St. John the Baptist. Church authorities reported that St. John’s hymn, along with many other chants, were lost centuries ago. The chants and their special tones were believed to impart tremendous spiritual blessings when sung in harmony during religious Masses. The chants and the language of Latin, when combined, were believed to enhance the spiritual experience of its members. Many still believe that when we sing in Latin, or use simple musical tones without conceptual language, we are able to reach deeper levels of the subconscious. Pure music is very powerful since it discards limiting thought forms associated with words and allows the individual to access insights beyond traditional belief systems.” Fortunately, they were NOT lost and are now available to us all in Solfeggio tuning forks!


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