Crystal Bed

Crystal Bed Light Therapy was made manifest by the Entities of the Light. Their energies are present in the Crystal Light Bed.


The Merkaba Light Table, was developed by Deb Peterson, as a spiritual acceleration device.

Tuning Forks

The sound therapy I use is based upon an ancient scale using a 6-tone sequence of frequencies called the “original” Solfeggio scale.

Shamanic Practice

I will do a diagnostic journey to see what the Helping Spirits recommend for that person.

What Our Clients Have to Say

I so enjoy going out to Free Space for any and all of the events happening each month. The beautiful rooms we work in are light. The surrounding hills, forest and gardens are a delight. Overall, Maurah is a wonderful host!

Thank you. D.S.

“Maurah is a very loving and generous person. Using her deep connection to Spirit and her amazing understanding of shamanism, she can uncover what you personally can benefit from. The Healing Center at Free Space is a wonderful safe place to       learn and grow. ”                 Blessings, CB